Welcome to Nordic Rentals A/S

Rental of high performance audio, lighting, stage and AV equipment


Nordic Rentals A/S is a privately owned rental company. We provide high performance gear and custom design shows, and we are always committed to finding the best equipment for you and to meet your needs and budget.

Nordic Rentals was established back in 1985 and we have been a big role player on the event market in Denmark for several years. We are known for our turnkey solutions and deliveries for the entertainment industry both nationally and internationally. We employ about 60 dedicated and well educated people, who each possess their own special qualifications, which means that we can solve any kind of job or task for you.   

We cooperate with the best event agencies, festivals and concert organisers both nationally and internationally and we provide the newest technology for every  audio, lightingAV or stage production. We welcome all customers old as well as new and no task is too small and indifferent or too big and complex for us.

Contact us today and we will help you create a successful event from start to finish.

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